Below is a comprehensive listing of works reviewed on this site, sorted alphabetically by author's last name. For anthologies, we’ve provided a separate section and have organized those reviews alphabetically by title.


Mark Alpert

The Coming Storm

Robert Jackson Bennett


Max Booth III

Carnivorous Lunar Activities

Nicholas Day

At the End of the Day I Burst Into Flames

Karl Drinkwater

Lost Solace

Barry Eisler

The Killer Collective

John C. Foster

The Isle

Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason

Twin Lakes: Autumn Fires

Sean Grigsby

Daughters of Forgotten Light

Jess Hagemann


Rob Hart

Take-Out and Other Tales of Culinary Crime

CV Hunt

Halloween Fiend

Gabino Iglesias

Coyote Songs

Russell James

The Playing Card Killer

Jonathan Janz

Savage Species

The Nightmare Girl

Wolf Land

A. Kale

Bad Dreams

Brian Keene, Richard Chizmar, Stephen Kozeniewski, Michelle Garza, Melissa Lason

Silverwood: The Door, Season 1 (A Serial Box Original)

Cassandra Khaw, Paul Cornell, Brian Keene, et al

Exquisite Corpse (A Serial Box Original)

Brian Kirk

Will Haunt You

Gwendolyn Kiste

The Rust Maidens

Edward Lorn

Everything is Horrible Now

Tim McWhorter

Let There Be Dark

Tim Meyer

Limbs: A Love Story

S.P. Miskowski

The Worst Is Yet To Come

Mallory O’Meara

The Lady from the Black Lagoon

Jason Parent


Laura Sims


Lucy A. Snyder

Garden of Eldritch Delights

Brian Fatah Steele

Bleed Away The Sky

Sonora Taylor

Without Condition

F. Paul Wilson


Don Winslow

The Power of the Dog