A Taker of Morrows (The Caretakers Book 1) by Stephen Paul Sayers

A Taker of Morrows_Stephen Paul Sayers.jpg

Publisher: Hydra Publications | Release Date: June 15, 2018 | Pages: 304

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Taker of Morrows is a fast-paced, thought-provoking debut novel by Stephen Paul Sayers. This supernatural thriller, with its unique plot and seamless storytelling will have you enticed from the very beginning. What would you do if you only have 24 hours to live? Our main character is faced with that scenario. Things can't get more complicated than that! Can they?

A Taker of Morrows introduces us to an alternate reality. Everything is the same except for a few minor details. Beyond life's boundaries, a battle of epic proportions between Good and Evil is being waged and determines the fate of earthly souls. On Earth, “Caretakers” guard and protect against the evil and vengeful “Jumpers” who slip back and forth between worlds to prey upon the living. RG Granville, who has just been told by a strange man in his house that he has only 24 hours to live, ends up accidentally setting off a deadly chain of events, fueled by a particular vengeful “Jumper”. Now, he has 24 hours to stop an unrelenting evil that has been unleashed upon Earth. And if he's to protect his family and the world, he must breach the boundary between life and death to confront a killer- and a shocking secret from his past.

Wow. This book was a trip! In a good way! First off, kudos to Sayers for creating something completely original! The plot was intriguing and engaging, and the continuous high tension kept me turning the pages! The characters were well crafted and developed. Very relatable and familiar.

Ok, let's talk world building. Sayers created this alternate reality where there is no heaven or hell. In this reality, when you die, you sort of just go to another world. Everyone goes to the same place and are exactly how they were on Earth in the Afterlife. Oh, and there is a HUGE battle between good and evil going on there, too. But in all honesty, if they just went their separate ways there would be way less friction, but whatever!

What is impressive is that Sayers didn't stick with the norm, but created his own version of the Afterlife. And the Afterlife plays a big part in driving the plot forward. It's very impressive how it flowed so well with the story and totally works. Did I say I was impressed yet?

A Taker of Morrows is a complex mix of a murder mystery tale with a huge supernatural driving force, and somehow, it completely works! With skillful pacing, vivid prose, and its fair share of plot twists, somehow Stephen Paul Sayers pulls this incredible tale off! And this is just his first novel! I can't wait to read what he has up his sleeves for the sequel!