Anthologies of the Resistance

UPDATE (7/15/19)

Robert S. Wilson, co-owner of Nightscape Press, has announced on Twitter that a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help support the release of Horror For RAICES. An advanced uncorrected ebook copy of the charitable anthology will be provided to those who donate $10 or more as soon as it is ready. Horror For RAICES will include stories by Paul Tremblay, Laird Barron, Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Slatsky, Paul Michael Anderson, and other authors still yet to be announced. NightScape Press is expected to launch the official anthology in ebook in August, with a trade paperback edition to release soon thereafter.

Original story follows…

This past weekend, fake Christian Mike Pence, vice president to Donald Trump (the openly racist, orange-skinned white supremacist, who on the best of days can only be considered monumentally dimwitted if not outright viciously stupid, ignorant, and evil) visited an American concentration camp in McAllen, TX to praise our violations of basic human rights as “humane and compassionate,” but mostly just stood around looking like a smug douchebag. That same weekend, Trump took to Twitter to denounce four Congresswomen, each of whom are minorities and represent diverse communities, to demand they go back to the countries they came from (a common refrain among racist nationalists who aren’t shy about hiding their xenophobia and bigotry). Of course, each of these four women are US citizens and live in America, but Trump, a vile dog-whistling racist, has never once let an actual fact interfere with his shameless, narcissistic idiocy.

This was, in short, just another weekend in America under the Trump regime.

Since 2016, numerous publishers, authors, and editors have been speaking out against Trump and his cronies. Some have even put their money where their mouths are, producing anthologies whose proceeds go to help support various charities to protect and uphold of the Constitution of the United States of America and fight back against the lawlessness and immorality of this current administration.

Robert S. Wilson, co-editor in chief and co-owner of Nightscape Press, recently took to Twitter to speak out against the US policy of mass detainment and the forcible separation of migrant children from their parents. “I'm near to combusting about what the US is doing right now to immigrant families & children. I want to run out in the streets and scream at people, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING ABOUT THIS???" … I've been scrambling to do things I think could be helpful and some of them are ambitious and slow-going, but I want to do something NOW but I am limited in the scope of my reach, limited in the scope of my finances. But I have to do something. I have to keep trying.”

Horror For RAICES.jpg

To that end, Wilson announced the forthcoming publication of a charitable anthology to raise money for Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, Horror For RAICES. “All net proceeds from this emergency charitable anthology will go to RAICES,” Wilson said. “For those who do not know, RAICES works to provide free and low cost legal services to immigrants and refugees trying to enter the United States. We'll have more TOC additions to list very soon!”

Although the full list of contributors is not yet known at this time, Wilson did announce the anthology would include “The Figurine” by Christopher Slatsky, as well as “And In the End a Reckoning of What I Have Become” by Paul Michael Anderson. The official release date of Horror For RAICES is unknown, but Wilson hopes to have the ebook available by the end of the month, with a paperback edition to follow soon thereafter. In September, Wilson will begin accepting submissions for a second charitable anthology supporting RAICES, Weird For Good, which is expected for release in 2020.

In addition to RAICES, Nightscape Press routinely publishes charitable chapbooks and anthologies that support organizations like the ACLU, Trans Lifeline, Dakin Humane Society, The Trevor Project, The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, and others. You can find more information on their titles and causes at

For those of you looking to support various causes and help fight back against the Trump administration, I’ve rounded up a handful of charitable anthologies you can purchase right now, and whose proceeds go to charity, either in part or in full. In addition to supporting good causes, you’ll get some excellent stories to keep you entertained.


Resist: Tales From A Future Worth Fighting Against features twenty-seven of today’s top science fiction authors writing about potential futures we hope to avoid, all drawn from today’s headlines. You’ll find stories from John Scalzi, Hugh Howey, Saladin Ahmed, Charlie Jane Anders, Elizabeth Bear, Delilah Dawson, Kevin Hearne, David Willington, Daniel H. Wilson, Samuel Peralta, Madeline Roux, and plenty more. At least 50% of each sale of this anthology goes to the ACLU. [Purchase at Amazon]


Nasty!, edited by Tiffany Scandal, collects a series of non-fiction essays, written by fierce women exploring issues of body positivity, sexual empowerment, overcoming adversity, and other topics. 100% of the profits generated from the sale of this first volume goes to Planned Parenthood. [Purchase at Amazon]

Nasty Volume Two, a “street-view tour of feminist struggle,” continues the themes developed in the first volume, featuring thirteen new essays focusing on topics such as surviving trauma and defining consent. 50% of publisher profits will be donated to the Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Resource Center ( [Purchase at Amazon] [Purchase From King Shot Press]


Trumpland: An Alternative History of the Future presents eight speculative dystopian fiction stories about nuclear Armageddon, civil wars, disease, environmental disasters, and stupid fucking walls. Proceeds from the sales of Trumpland have gone to various charities to help sexual assault survivors, transgender soldiers, and that provide assistance to DACA and children, including the organizations End Rape On Campus and the ACLU. A second charitable anthology, Trumpland 2020, is scheduled for release January 20, 2020. [Purchase at Amazon]

nasty fetish fights back.jpg

Nasty: Fetish Fights Back is an erotic short story collection that spans as many proclivities as it does genres. Its twenty-seven authors represent a broad range of science fiction and horror, as well as erotica. Included herein are Selena Kitt, Bram Stoker Award Winner Lucy A. Snyder, John W. Campbell Award finalist Kelly Robson, Timothy Waggoner, A. Merc Rustad, Gemma Files, Cassandra Khaw, and Molly Tanzer. 20% of profits generated from sales of Nasty: Fetish Fight Back are donated to Planned Parenthood. [Purchase at Amazon]

Coming November 3, 2019:

Dystopian States of America.jpg

The Dystopian States of America, from Haverhill House Publishing, releases in November 2019 with all proceeds being donated to the ACLU Foundation, to help fund ACLU’s litigation and public education efforts. Editor Matt Betchel describes the stories in this anthology as “dystopian views of the future, for America and / or the entire world, should the current regime remain in power. And I use the word “regime” very pointedly, because while the executive branch of our government certainly makes for a ripe target, our authors were free to draw inspiration from the legislative branch, the judicial branch, local governments, or outside influencers (i.e lobbies, corporations, donors, propagandists, etc.) as well. Many of us have publicly commented that the reality we’re currently living within is scarier and more surreal than anything any of us have ever dreamt up, so this anthology provided the chance to take that ball and run with it..”

Look for stories from Linda D. Addison, Nadia Bulkin, doungjai gam, Tim Lebbon, Jonathan Maberry, Bracken MacLeod, Elizabeth Maisse, Hillary Monahan, James A. Moore, Errick A. Nunnally, Mary SanGiovanni, Lucy A. Snyder, Wrath James White, Chet Williamson, and many more, along with an introduction from Christopher Golden.

For more information on The Dystopian States of America and updates on its promotional campaign as we get closer to release in November, please visit