GUEST POST: What's In A Name by Chuck Buda

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Keyport Cthulhu 2
By Armand Rosamilia, Chuck Buda

When I talk to folks about the new book, Keyport Cthulhu 2, the first thing they usually ask is, “How do you pronounce that word?”



Not only is the name difficult to pronounce, it tests the patience of even the most robust Spellcheck programs, too.

But what is in a name?

Specifically, Cthulhu calls to mind a wondrous world of weirdness for those familiar with the work of H.P Lovecraft. Dreadful stirrings of madness intertwined with those who live precariously in a world where mankind is a meaningless plaything for gods on a cosmic level. What could be more chilling?

As youngsters, Armand Rosamilia and I grew up reading The Call of Cthulhu among other Lovecraftian classics. We were smitten with the mythos and couldn’t wait to put our own stamps on the timeless tales. Living in New Jersey, we were both familiar with a quaint little town that would provide the perfect backdrop for this modern take on Lovecraft.


The town is by no means creepy, but it is steeped in lore and bears uncanny similarities to Lovecraft’s settings. Armand had lived in the town for several years. My parents used to bring me to Keyport to shop for shoes and school supplies…and fresh seafood. Delicious!

Years later, I discovered Armand Rosamilia’s Dying Days series, quickly falling in love with his voice. Then I began clawing my way through his backlist. And I found Keyport Cthulhu. I devoured the book. I emailed him to tell him how much I loved it. I campaigned for him to write more, just for me. Finally, Armand promised to re-release the book including one of my own short stories as long as I promised to stop hounding him about Keyport Cthulhu.

I promised. But I lied.

I re-read Keyport Cthulhu and begged Armand to write a sequel. I think he felt sorry for me because I succumbed to my own madness about his tales. And then I got the call.

“Would you like to write Keyport Cthulhu 2 with me?”

Then I wept. And I wrote.

I loved the original Keyport Cthulhu. But that book was just a starting point for what swelled out of the choppy waters of our laptops when we wrote Keyport Cthulhu 2. The process of trading off chapters and riffing on what each other left floating in the wake was pure magic. Maybe a tad cosmic, if I might add.

We are both very excited to unleash the Ancient One on the world. There is something for everyone in Keyport Cthulhu 2, whether you are a fan of Lovecraft, or you enjoy your horror stories laced with local lore. And if you are familiar with the village of Keyport, New Jersey, then you will realize the parallels with the mythos.

Check out Keyport Cthulhu 2 on or come see us as we sign copies of the book at Espresso Joe’s in Keyport, New Jersey on May 9th. We hope to see you there!

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Chuck Buda explores the darkest aspects of the human condition. Then he captures its essence for fictional use. He writes during the day and wanders aimlessly all night...alone.

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