Mother Horror's Most Loved Books of 2018

2018 was a great year for horror. It was also the year that will forever stand alone for me because of some personal milestones: I moved from my hometown/birthplace of Grass Valley, California to our new home in Tacoma, Washington. 2018 is the first year I only read books from the genre of horror. I was invited to write reviews for SCREAM magazine and Cemetery Dance. I exceeded my Goodreads goal of reading 100 books and I read 113 (so far! At the time of this writing, the year isn’t over!) and I started a business with a good (and local) friend with a huge emphasis on reading, review and promoting horror. It’s been a damn good year. I’m sitting in my living room and it’s still dark outside. The sun won’t come up for another hour or so.  I’m typing on my laptop with only the Christmas tree lights casting a pink glow and my dog snoring beside me. I made my 2018 Top Ten list! I was having a really difficult time until I decided to make two categories- “Novels” and “Novellas & Collections”. Just like the annual Academy Awards, there’s a need to make some categories and so call it cheating the rules if you want but this is the only way I could make sense of my favorites.



Novellas and Collections*


*Broken Shells was written and published by Michael Patrick Hicks, founder of the High Fever Books blog, and was chosen for inclusion solely by Sadie as one of her best novellas of 2018 with no input or influence from the author and editor of this website.