Hicks Picks The Top 10% of 2018

Compiling a Top 10 for 2018 was simply too damn difficult for me, so I fudged the numbers a bit and made this a Top 14. I read nearly 140 books over the course of 2018, so if you're a stickler for Top 10 lists and don't like my cheating, then just consider this the Top 10% of what I've read! This year was very, very good for this particular horror buff and I was fortunate to find a lot of exceptional reads over the course of the year. As I was writing this list, my brain kept fighting me and going "yeah, but what about this one? And, oh God, that one - you can’t forget to include that one!" and all I could do, finally, was surrender, thinking, "yeah, that should definitely be on the list. And that one, too. And yeah, for sure that one. Definitely!" Trying to figure out which titles to remove in order to satisfy an arbitrary number for a socially constructed Top 10 list was like trying to pick which side of the head I'd prefer to be shot on. Most days, I really don't want to be shot in the head, and as I was making this list I found that I really did not want to remove some particular titles. So, here we go...my Top 14, or if you prefer my Top 10%, of 2018. I’ve included brief snippets of commentary for each, but if you wish to seek out my full reviews, head over to my Goodreads page for those.

2018 Book of the Year


This book is raw and honest, and written so smoothly the pages turn themselves. Iglesias has plenty to say, and when he throws a punch, always properly justified here, it lands hard. There's a balletic grace to the violence, a poetic refinement to the writing, and a constant truth that sounds throughout. Coyote Songs is a book of and for our times, its author a vital voice we would do well to pay attention to. 

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